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mOTher ..

Thanks yOu mOTher fOr  aLL ThaT yOu dO, i knOw my Thanks are far TO few,  i reaLLy dO LOve yOu i dOn'T say enOugh, fOr me ThOse wOrds Or reaLLy TOugh, i wish i cOuLd express aLL ThaT i feeL, buT fOr me yOu knOw ThaT's a big deaL, have a gOOd day i'm Thinking Of yOu, i hOpe my feeLings Or geTTing ThrOugh..

mOTher  .. Thanks yOu fOr everiThing .. Than yOu were pregnant wiTh me 9 mOnThs 10 days, I was bOrn, yOu raised wiTh yOur hands TireLessLy, mOTher what can I give iT TO yOu TO reply TO aLL yOur service, in yOUr mind “ I jusT  want yOu TO be happy my sOn, much better Than I, and success fOr The future, dO nOT give up, Life is a chOice !! .. keep spirit and aLways pray TO ALLAH “

mOTher .. fOrgive me if I sOmeTimes make yOu angry, sOmeTimes I deny yOur wOrds, and sOmeTimes I’m angry TO yOu as a small Thing and iT’s fOr my kindness .. I’m sOrry mOm .. excuse me ..

I promise .. I’ll be yOur pride girl .. proud father as well .. while This may be yeT biT I’ll prOve iT .. iT should !! ..

Thanks yOu mOm .. I Love mOm ..

Happy mOTher’s day ..

I Love u mOm ..

せな母の日 ..

. I Love u mOm .

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.. Thanks (^_^)v ..

.. Thanks (^_^)v ..

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